Kafue National Park


Kafue National Park in Zambia is one of the largest parks in the world – twice the size of Yellowstone National Park in USA!Kafue National Park spills into three of Zambia’s provinces and has an impressive range of species of birds and abundant wildlife. The only visible absentee is the Giraffe.Much of Kafue is wooded, opening up at intervals to wide grassy areas known as dambos, punctuated with termite mounds, sprouting fig trees and phoenix palms. The good grazing lures antelopes, who in turn attract predators such as Leopard and Lion. The Busanga floodplains are a dominant feature of Kafue, and have been known to recede in the dry season, often trapping hippo in shallow pools. This area is renowned for large prides of lions, open savannah and plains teeming with game.The south of Kafue National Park is made up of Kalahari Sandveld, Mopane forests and grasslands. The Lungu, Lufupa and Kafue Rivers all attract an incredible diversity of wildlife. Along the Kafue River there is an abundance of game and birdlife, including 150 different mammals and an amazing 470 species of bird.

Kafue National Park is not frequented by many first time visitors to Africa, as it is a bit like an undiscovered gem, but those that come here are impressed with the immense space and fantastic wildlife. This Zambia National Park is set to become the next big African safari destination. Kafue gives you a real African wilderness experience and is the right Zambia safari destination if you want to get away from the crowds.


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